My name is Jana Andrews and I’m your Eastern District elected representative on Poquoson City Council.

I ran for City Council for several reasons.  I think it’s important to serve your community and this is a way for me to serve at this time in my life. Having raised my children here, I now have the necessary time to devote to an office such as Poquoson City Council. I also think it’s important to have women on City Council, as our only current female representative is stepping down. Women bring a different perspective to situations and I think it’s important to have our Council reflect our community.  In order to accurately have our City Council reflect the 49.9% of women in our community, 3 of the 7 Council members should be women.

After living through “the Walmart situation”, I realized just how important it is to everyone that as Poquoson grows and progresses, we don’t lose the reasons we moved here, stay here, and what makes Poquoson special. Being a small bedroom community, different than neighboring Hampton or York County, the title of safest city in Virginia, clean waterways and environment for our wildlife & fishermen, good schools, reasonable traffic, and a beautiful city is what makes Poquoson such a special place to live. I want to be the voice on City Council who will help Poquoson move into the future but not lose the things we love. I believe citizens’ voices matter, it’s our city! I am honored to be elected to Poquoson City Council to represent YOU and be the vote on City Council which reflects what you want!  Since I do consider this an opportunity to serve my community, I will be donating the small salary I receive each month to a non-profit organization that benefits the City and/or Citizens in Poquoson.  If there is a non-profit organization you would like me to consider for one of my 48 donations during my term, please submit the information here.

I am keenly aware of the enormous responsibility this office brings. I want to do as good a job on City Council as all of us did winning the election.  I know that will be no easy feat!!  There will be tough decisions, and no matter how hard I work or what decisions I make, there will always be someone that is disappointed or not happy with the outcome.  That is going to be the toughest part for me.  But just like I felt going into this campaign, if at the end of the day, I know I’ve done my very best, that will help ease the burden.  I will work hard to listen to what citizens have to say, open up communication between City Council and the community, protect the things we hold dear (our safety, our environment, our schools, our city employees, our small town feel).  But, I am only one voice on City Council, so it’s important that citizens communicate with all of City Council on the things that are important to them!!  That is what really makes the difference.

I am beyond thankful for being elected to Poquoson City Council and I will do my very best during the next four years to serve in a way that makes the citizens feel like they made the right decision on Election Day!  I hope to have the chance to meet you at some point during my four year term of service.  Until then, please take a look around my website, like my Campaign Facebook page, and follow my “What’s Happening” Blog where I will do my very best to keep citizens “in the know” regarding the happenings on City Council.  Also, feel free to contact me with your questions or comments here. I’m happy to speak or meet with you one-on-one as well.

Thank you for trusting me with your vote!