Are you registered to vote? More importantly, if you are registered, are you voting?

Are you registered to vote in Virginia?  If not, now is the time!!  It’s easy to register on-line or check the status of your voter registration if you are registered by going to VA Voter Registration.  YOU ONLY HAVE 2 DAYS LEFT!  I think it’s very important to exercise your Constitutional rights! Especially women, who weren’t even granted the right to vote until 1920!!  There are many countries in this world whose citizens don’t get to decide who leads their nation and would give almost anything to be in our position.

So, while the two main party presidential candidates we have before us aren’t the cream of the crop (I’ve left off links to their websites since I know you’ve probably heard more than enough about both of them), it’s the exercising of your Constitutional rights that is important, regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, or even if you’re in the middle.  There will be other options besides the main party candidates on the ballot if you are so inclined (McMullin/Finn (although ballot will say Johnson – go to Wikipedia if you want to know why), Johnson/Weld, & Stein/Baraka).

AND there are also other items on the ballot this year in addition to President.  There is the choice for U.S. House of Representatives (Brown vs. Taylor), and of local importance, our City Council election where you can VOTE JANA ANDREWS for City Council.  You will actually get 4 votes for city council this year regardless of which district you live in, one for each district and mayor:  Mayor: Cross vs. Hunt, Central District: Brennan vs Cannella, Eastern District: ANDREWS vs Martin, Western District: Hux vs Pase

AND there are two measures on the ballot this year regarding amendments to the VA Constitution.  See below for the exact question that will be listed on the ballot with a short synopsis of what it means if you vote “yes” or “no”.

Virginia “Right to Work” Amendment

Should Article I of the Constitution of Virginia be amended to prohibit any agreement or combination between and employer and a labor union or labor organization whereby (i) nonmembers of the unions or organization are denied the right to work for the employer, (ii) membership to the union or organization is made a condition of employment or continuation of employment by such employer, or (iii) the union or organization acquires an employment monopoly in any such enterprise?

YES – A vote “for” the measure supports adding a section to the Constitution that would make it illegal for workplaces to require mandatory labor union membership for employees as a condition for employment.

NO – A vote “against” the measure opposes adding this section to the Constitution, while maintaining a similar law in state statutes.

Virginia Property Tax Exemption for Surviving Spouses of Police and Service Personnel Amendment

Shall the Constitution of Virginia be amended to allow the General Assembly to provide an option to the localities to exempt from taxation the real property of the surviving spouse of any law-enforcement officer, firefighter, search and rescue personnel, or emergency medical services personnel who was killed in the line of duty, where the surviving spouse occupies the real property as his or her principal place of residence and has not remarried?

YES – A vote “for” the measure supports providing a local option property tax exemption for surviving spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty who live on the property as their principal place of residence and have not remarried.

NO – A vote “against” the measure opposes providing this tax exemption.


“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.”

                                                                   George Jean Nathan

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