Have you submitted your input to the Comprehensive Plan Team?

The City of Poquoson is updating the city’s Comprehensive Plan.  This is a very important document because it is the plan and road map for where we want our city to go over the next 20 years, guiding decisions on development, land use and resource management.  YOU have the opportunity as a citizen to give your input into the plan.  It’s very easy!  Go to this link to submit your input on-line:  Click here to submit input for Comprehensive Plan Update

But, the Comprehensive Plan is just the first step!   Without ordinances in place that allow City Council to enforce the plan, it is just a piece of paper with no power.  For example, if we want all large buildings over a certain square footage or that generate over a certain amount of traffic to be approved by City Council, requiring a public hearing, there needs to be an ordinance in place for that to happen.

So, not only should you give your input to the Comprehensive Plan, you should insist that ordinances be put in place that prevent things in the City from happening that don’t conform to the Comprehensive Plan.  It’s our City, we need to take responsibility and speak up for what we want!

I attended the Community Engagement Event the Comprehensive Plan Team held on October 18th to give my input and see what things other citizens had to say.  Below are just some of the things submitted by citizens who attended the event.

Link to Current Comprehensive Plan


  • appreciate library
  • teacher pay
  • police & fire pay
  • grants for community services
  • senior citizens
  • storm debris pikcup
  • recreation programs
  • school funding
  • indoor pool
  • recreation/community center


  • desirable because we are different don’t develop to become same as Hampton & NN
  • commercial to reduce taxes – careful what type of business
  • why do we have to change?
  • housing at water prevents water access to others
  • boardwalk
  • marketing businesses
  • urgent care facility
  • communication to citizens – needs to be in comprehensive plan
  • safe schools, low crime – more development removes attraction
  • empty store fronts


  • sea level rise
  • land use vs environmental
  • oyster farms
  • clearing trees for new developments
  • light pollution Wythe Creek corridor
  • TMDL requirements
  • generate green space properties
  • mulch requirement near shoreline is pointless
  • dredge creeks to maintain water access
  • planting trees – median & parks
  • development restrictions due to RPA


  • affordable housing
  • street lights
  • attract young people
  • enforcement of proposed built/use – Shady Oaks
  • accommodations for elderly


  • process to change land use
  • future use map doesn’t address sea level rise
  • no place to park trailers @ water access
  • beach at Messick
  • more water access for family recreation
  • advertise to citizens more than required
  • traffic lights
  • how much left to develop?
  • water assault to Poquoson
  • aquaculture – water zoning
  • recreational water – prime asset
  • balance housing/commercial base
  • Poquoson theme
  • define high density – 2 stories max – no more density than current
  • desination – unique shopping


  • town center square
  • trees on Wythe Creek
  • starbucks/coffee shop – local owned
  • gathering place/street scapes
  • sidewalks
  • bike paths
  • bury electric lines
  • public transportation
  • road maintenance
  • drainage improvements/maintenance
  • infrastructure
  • town hall meetings

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