Thank you for the Win!

WOW – what a whirlwind it’s been the last month!!  My life has been overtaken by phone calls, FB posts, blogging, walking and delivering flyers, talking to citizens, meeting with city officials, and on and on!  In a period of 6 months I’ve gone from a plain citizen interested in getting more involved in local government, to someone thinking about running for city council, to someone deciding to run for city council, to someone who actually won the election for City Council!!!  It’s humbling beyond belief!  I in no way accomplished this on my own.  I have had friends, family, and citizens I didn’t know before this endeavour, help me in so many ways – positive encouragement, sharing info about me on FB, giving advice, putting signs in their yards, editing, folding flyers, delivering flyers, wearing my campaign shirt around town, working at the polls on Election Day and voting for me!  All of those things combined made a difference!  I think the belief others have in me at times has been greater than the belief I have in myself.  That is so touching and the outreach I’ve seen really touches my heart in ways I’ll never be able to express sufficiently in words to each and every one of you who helped!  All that brings enormous responsibility to my shoulders.  I want to do as good a job on City Council as all of us did winning the election.  I know that will be no easy feat!!  There will be tough decisions, and no matter how hard I work or what decisions I make, there will always be someone that is disappointed or not happy with the outcome.  That is going to be the toughest part for me.  But just like I felt going into this campaign, if at the end of the day, I know I’ve done my very best, that will help ease the burden.  I will work hard to listen to what citizens have to say, open up communication between City Council and the community, protect the things we hold dear (our safety, our environment, our schools, our city employees, our small town feel).  But, I am only one voice on City Council, so it’s important that citizens communicate with all of City Council on the things that are important to them!!  That is what really makes the difference.  I am beyond thankful for being elected to the Poquoson City Council and I will do my very best during the next four years to serve in a way that makes the citizens feel like they made the right decision on Election Day!  I will continue to use this blog and my campaign FB page, now turned City Council FB page, to communicate with citizens, so please feel free to contact me!

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